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How To Write Your Best Business Story

In our last blog post, we talked about why it’s important to tell the story of your business and gave you some tips for how to accomplish this daunting task. 

In this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at the nuts and bolts of committing your business story to paper. 

Sitting at a desk, sipping coffee, staring at blank paper...what next?

You’re ready to start writing your business story, but for many of us, writing about ourselves is a challenge. But don’t despair! While it doesn’t necessarily ever feel less awkward, it does get easier. And the key? Drink some coffee. Grit your teeth (if necessary). And...WRITE!

Freewriting—the key to beating the jitters

The first step is finding someplace with minimal distractions. Next, set a 20 minute timer, and write. 

Don’t stop, don’t think too much. Just write about your business, how you started it, why you started it, and why your product is the best. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, tone...anything. Just get those words on the page.

Once the 20 minute timer goes off, take a break—then come back and do it again. Repeat until you’ve covered everything.

Drink some coffee. Grit your teeth (if necessary). And...WRITE!

Re-writing—giving your creativity a polish

Now that you have all the content you want on paper, it’s time to go through and spruce it up! This is when grammar, spelling, and tone become important. 

Read through your writing and give it a polish. Once this is done, walk away from it—go for a run, make some [more] coffee, call your mom. Something that will refresh your mind. Then come back and do another round of polishing.

Call on a friend

Next, send your business story to a friend or family member. This someone doesn’t need to be an editor, they just need to be a fresh set of eyes. Ask them to watch for grammar and spelling errors, but also ask for their first impressions. What stood out? How do you and your business come across?

After your friend is finished, go through it one more time and make the changes they recommended (the ones that you agree with, of course). Always remember—it is your story, so your voice should always win when it comes to deciding what changes to make.

Story finished! Now, what to do with it?

The hard part is done! You have the story of your business written and polished. Now the next question is, what do you do with it? Here are some ideas:

1. Add it to your website

If you have a website for your business, this is an excellent place to put your story. Add it to your “About” page!

2. Post it on Facebook and Instagram

We live in an age with multiple free platforms that can be used for marketing. A business Facebook page is a great place to share your story.

Instagram is another great platform to get your business story to your customers. Attach the link to your piece in your Instagram bio, then write a post pointing your followers to where they can read the full story of your business.

3. Email it out as a newsletter

If you don’t have a website or social media presence yet, email is an excellent option. You can go big and make your story into a fancy newsletter, or go basic and type it out like an email. Send it to your customers, family members, and friends.

4. Create a pamphlet and display it in your store

If you have a storefront, having pamphlets your customers can read and even take home with them is a great way to spread your business story.

Always remember—it is your story, so your voice should always win...

And’ve launched your story!

Your business story is out there, and your clients know more about you, your business, and your product. 

But this is not the end. Keep track of your story, keep spicing it up, and be on the watch for more ways to get it to your customers!

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