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Why edit?

Updated: Feb 9

Because we're human.

In a 2007 accuracy audit of newspapers, 59% of articles contained errors. The newspaper field has some level of editing built into the process and still manages less than 50% accuracy.

In the business world, however, it’s unusual to have anyone to fact-check, double-check, or ever check written materials.

As business owners, we cannot count on turning out error-free copy for our own businesses. We are too close to the situation to see clearly. A business owner and their content are like a parent and child: it usually takes someone else to see the kid’s faults.

"A business owner and their content are like a parent and child: it usually takes someone else to see the kid’s faults."

When we’ve written something, we don’t read what’s actually written on the page. We read what we THINK we’ve written. Our love as creator for our creation stands in the way of clear judgement. This applies to everyone, even those who make correct grammar and spelling their vocation.

The Human Factor

I recently cringed when I found a grammar mistake on the home page of a large editing firm’s website. I can’t say I’m surprised, though. No matter how well we write, we all make mistakes. We are, without exception, human. To accept help is not to admit defeat, but to practice wisdom.

Even editors need editors. That’s why I hired a great editor (thanks, Hayley!) for this blog post. These words are mine, so my vision is cloudy. I’m attached to them — I like the way they sound. I won’t be able to look at them with the same critical eye. I know that even if I’ve escaped errors of grammar or spelling, it’s likely something that seems simple and clear to me won't to someone else.

"Even editors need editors."

This is how it works when you hire me: if you give me already prepared content, I edit it for you. If I write the content for you, another editor will proof it (this is always included in the price). We call this as close to perfection as humanly possible. ;-)

When I offer you my editing services, I’m not recommending anything I don’t require myself: a second pair of impartial eyes.

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