Marketing Packages

Finding your business's voice in newsletters, blogs, and social media posts can be challenging. Creating a cohesive brand content strategy? Exhausting.


Through a collaborative process, we take the work off your plate and give you a finished product: a clear, personable online presence.


We work with you on an ongoing basis, providing newsletter content and support, blog arc strategizing and writing, and social media scheduling and content. This is a flexible package that we tailor to your needs. 


Are you struggling because your website doesn't quite seem like you? Website content evolves through a thoroughly creative process. From beginning brainstorming to final proofreading, we guide you through the steps of finding your voice—online. 


It's always wonderful to be in the process from the ground up. Come and see us before you visit your web developer and you and we will develop the soul and flow of your website together. Already have a developer? We're happy to come alongside later in the process and help you find your voice. 

And another plus? All of this is backed up with rock-solid analytics and SEO magic.

Manuscript Packages

Are you looking for a way to market your business more effectively and think a book might be that next step? Join many business authors as they get the word out about their business and help educate potential clients and the general public. 

Through a specialized process, we provide you creative input and direction to help you quickly and effectively write a book that showcases your unique voice and information. 

From brain maps to outlines, to encouragement and direction while writing, to thoughtful critiques and questions on your manuscript, we streamline the process for you.